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Marketing consultant and consulting agency providing expert advice in the following areas:

Sales Training

Marketing consultant is essential when you need to be provided  in depth understanding of customers thinking  and techniques  and how to effectively communicate with them.

Effective communication is key to success when it comes to selling and marketing. With our  in depth marketing   approach you will be able to significantly  communicate more effectively with your customers which will result  in more sales. Our marketing consultant will show you   through our  sales training how to  close more  new sales and retain more customers.

Business planning and strategy

We are a different  marketing consulting agency  because we build  directional strategy by tactical implementations and tasks.

As you build your strategy you must make sure it is adequate for both short term and long term. We build and implement a strategy  which will fulfills both benchmarks.

Effective digital communication for sales

How to effectively use digital tools during the sales process with customers. Due to technology communication has become much easier but at the same time more complicated. During the communication process with clients you must know how use technology properly and effectively. We have developed a comprehensive system that allows you to enhance your digital communication techniques and close more sales.

Effective digital marketing

In depth understanding of customer behavior in the digital world. Knowing all aspects of customers thinking  when it comes to digital marketing is very important. We will bring into light all these areas and show you how to effectively deal with them.

Turnaround Consulting

Practical and logical solutions for restructuring and turnaround. When it comes to restructuring a business focus is key. We will first analyse how you have reached the current situation. We will then implement solid techniques and strategies where you will exit the current unsound condition and lead you towards success and growth.

Business Development

Identifying opportunities for growth and implementing techniques to target those opportunities.  It is very important to focus on the right opportunities when one builds their business. The opportunity must be thoroughly analysed and right mechanisms must be placed to deal with it. Our consultants will identifying the best opportunities that must be targeted and build techniques and strategies to develop those opportunities.

Marketing Channels

Constructing effective marketing channels with focus on results. Creation of right  marketing channel is essential for success. We create an effective channel development techniques and strategy which will be practical both for you and the marketing channel members.

Healthcare sales and marketing

We provide comprehensive and effective techniques for healthcare providers to communicate to patients. Healthcare marketing is an area where effective communication between all parties is essential. Focus on patients needs and knowing the patients attitude while searching for a healthcare  provider are areas that need to be paid attention to. Our consultants will demonstrate in-depth on how to effectively communicate to those searching for healthcare.

International Business Opportunities

Today we are living in global world and businesses should understand this. It´s important that you are aware about the opportunities that exist throughout the world for your business. Our marketing consultant will show you the pigger picture and how your business can obtain international clients.

Business Analysis

Our  consultants will  review your  current business situation in depth  and provide solutions for improvement.


With correct techniques and strategy  our marketing consultant will make sure your  brand is always identified with quality.

Developing a practical system for businesses to effectively communicate with customers.


Practical solutions

We help our clients find practical solutions which will lead to improvements.

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Effective techniques

Strategical thinking and implementation of effective techniques

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Focus on objectives

The strategy and techniques we implement are all concentrated on our clients objectives.

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